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All our silicone toys can be boiled for sterilization. Did you know that this method can also be used to pre-heat your toy before having fun with it? The procedure is simple:

1) Bring a pot of clean water to a simmering boil.
2) Put your favorite toy in the water and let it “cook” for 10 minutes.
3) Use kitchen tongs or similar to take the toy out of the water and let it cool down for just a minute.

Depending on how long you let it boil, the toy will now be pleasingly warm to the core, and the silicone retains the heat for quite a while. Ooh yeah!

Silicone can withstand temperatures of well over 200 °C (392 °F), and since boiling water only reaches 100 °C, this method is completely safe to use with your toy.

How about warming up a Spot Pleasure dildo in the cold winter period?

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