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Frequently Asked Questions

Toy Production

Q: How and where are your toys made?

Our toys are made from liquid silicone that is poured into molds (also made of silicone), after which it cures (hardens) and results in the final product. We craft all original designs, molds and toys in our own workshop. Our toys are cast in one piece, with no seams.

Q: Where is your silicone from, and is it genuine silicone?

Our silicone comes from a reputable European supplier, and is 100% platinum-cure silicone, also called addition-cure silicone. It is essentially a two-component silicone, consisting of a base and a catalyst. When mixed, the mass hardens and results in a firm silicone product.

Q: How are your toys colored?

Our toys are all colored using cosmetic grade colored mica, which are very finely ground flakes of natural minerals. Our glitter is the same. We only use colors that are guaranteed by our supplier to be skin-safe and lip-safe. Our mica comes from a European supplier.

Q: How firm are your toys?

Our toys are squishy, yet firm. They are deliciously soft to the touch and moderately squishy, but still overall firm in their shape and elasticity. It is comparable to the feeling of a flexed muscle, or a boneless chicken breast. It can be squeezed and stretched, but will retain its shape. It is easy to insert into tight body openings. Technically, the firmness is “A10” on the Shore hardness scale.

Q: How is the suction cup made?

When ordering a toy with a suction cup, the cup is integrated into the base of the toy, and you will simply see a cavity in the base. This allows you to stretch the base, put it on a flat surface, and a very strong vacuum will keep the toy in place.

Silicone and Body Safety

Q: What are your toys made of?

Our toys are made of platinum-cure silicone, also called addition-cure silicone, which is produced and sold by our European supplier. Platinum-cure silicone products are hygienic, can be sterilized by boiling, are very elastic and durable, and due to its non-porous structure, the surface of a toy cannot harbor bacteria. Platinum-cure silicone is the best available material for sex toys.

Platinum-cure silicone is also sometimes called “premium silicone”, “ultra-premium silicone”, or “medical grade silicone” by other sex toy manufacturers. This is usually just extra marketing; real platinum-cure silicone is what it is. Our silicone is real platinum-cure silicone, not tin-cure (condensation-cure).

Q: Are your toys safe to put in body orifices?

Yes, our toys consist 100% of skin- and body-safe platinum-cure silicone, with a non-porous structure that cannot harbor bacteria, and is very unlikely to cause allergic reactions. We have not been able to find studies that indicate any problems or allergic reactions to silicone in body orifices.

The colors and glitter on our toys is made using cosmetic grade colored mica, which is certified skin-safe and lip-safe.

Q: Can I put a condom on my toy?

Since our toys are made exclusively from platinum-cure silicone, it is unnecessary. Our toys are safe for your body, and can easily be sterilized.

However, if you must, make sure you find non-lubricated latex condoms, as otherwise the lube (which is typically silicone-based) inside condom might cause a reaction with the silicone toy.

Q: Can I use lubricant with my toy?

Yes, but only water-based lubricants, not silicone-based lubricants.

Toy Cleaning and Maintenance

Q: How do I clean my toy?

After every use, at minimum clean your toy in the sink or bath with warm water and a mild, neutral soap or dish detergent. Dry it preferably with a lint-free cloth (microfiber cloths are great), but you can also use a regular towel, or paper tissue. Fabrics such as terrycloth or tea towels will not harm your toy at all, but might leave small pieces of lint, dust or fabric on the toy.

After cleaning, you can optionally apply regular hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol to the toy. Rub it in with your hands (ooh, sexy!) until it has dried.

Do not put your toy in the dishwasher, in spite of what other guides online might say.

Q: Can I boil, scald or sterilize my toy?

Yes, silicone toys are safe to boil for complete disinfection, as silicone can withstand very high temperatures. Bring a clean pot of water to a boil, and boil the toy for about 10 minutes. Do not add bleach or vinegar.

You can also scald the toy by pouring freshly boiled water over it, for a quicker, less thorough disinfection.

Q: How do I best store my toy?

Almost any way you like. The silicone our toys is made from is extremely tolerant to both cold, heat and humidity, and is very difficult to tear, break or discolor. Almost nothing sticks to silicone, and you can always clean and scald it to make it as good as new.

Optimally, use the supplied organza bag (made of plastic) to store your toy, and store it on the base, standing straight up. If stored on the side or squished between other toys or objects, is it possible that over very long periods of time, the toy will warp or disfigure slightly. You can also put your toy in a plastic bag for cleanliness or privacy, but leave the top open or poke a hole in the bag, or slight amounts of moisture left over from cleaning might become trapped.

Storing a toy in fabric/cloth won’t do any harm, but is likely to leave a slightly fuzzy texture on the toy, from lint and dust from the fabric. Simply clean the toy under warm tap water to remove it, and dry it with a lint-free cloth, for example a microfiber cloth.

Payment, Shipping and Packaging

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Return Policy

Q: What is your return policy?

Due to the fact that all our products are crafted upon order to custom specifications, and due to the very personal nature of our products, we unfortunately cannot offer returns. All orders are final and non-refundable once the toy has been crafted.

Q: Can I cancel my order?

If you have placed an order and have either made a mistake or regret your order, contact us as soon as possible by email, and we will cancel your order at no charge. If we have already begun the crafting process of your order, your order unfortunately cannot be cancelled. The reason for this is that every order is crafted to your specifications, and as soon as the crafting process has begun, the raw materials cannot be re-used.